Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dora~~ :)

No not the explorer, but a friend of mine from College which always gets annoyed whenever she's related to the cute animated Spanish explorer :p

It's a bit late Dora, but hope you like it! Kekeke.... Selamat Ulang Tahun!!! :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grumpy Mood....

Ia accidentally got locked up in the office last night, I am now stinky, having a headache and a mood swing due to lack of sleep... :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

100th post!!!!

yay....? -.-

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Chinese Raya...?

Gosh i feel so lazy during the Raya seasons, so lazy that i've decided to post these old sketches and posts I made during Raya 2 years ago!!! I've lost the original copies so that explains why the picture are so low-res, cz I can only retrieve the pictures from an old blog of mine which I'm active 2 years ago, and don't ask me who the girl in the pic is cz that was 2 years ago (lalalaaa~~)

Anyway hope Raya's been great for you all,I personally had a great time of R&R(rest and relax) and also manages to make time to meet up with friends. Most shopping mall are still crowded with people but lesser, and there's more Chinese than Malays. Though Chinese don't celebrate Raya, it is good to assume that everyone are happy enjoying themselves during the festive seasons no matter if it's for the festive mood or for the holidays!!!

What if Chinese WERE to celebrate Raya?

Preparing Ketupat would be a havoc

...and there will be no fire-crackers....

So to all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya and to all my non-Muslim friends, enjoy your free holidays you lazy bums!!! Wakaka....

Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Days Off!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

High fever

...yes I did...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Cupid Is Not Doing A Good Job yours?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Nah I wasn't the chef that day, basically I was just standing around waiting for the food to be served ;p I'm not really a BBQ person, I like my food to be simple and "hassle-less", give me a microwave and I'll fix your dinner! :D

Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Fevaaaa~~ :D

Merdeka's been pretty quite this year, I don't even recall hearing any fireworks. Anyway, here's the strip for national day, I think shopping malls are gonna packed with people today, so get out of the house and get the best bargain while it still last!!! Up to 70% discounts yo~~!

Click on the picture to read the comic strip

Happy Merdeka Day, or rather just happy holiday or happy shopping day! Cheers :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

UP is out!!!

That's suppose to be Carl Fredricksen but it seems like a failure....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Click on the picture for higer resolutions

Nah I hvnt seen the movie yet, so this is not intend to mock the movie or what-so-ever. But have any of you ever wondered how impossible the idea of lifting a house with a bunch of balloons sounds like? lol...

Anyway, looking forward to see the movie ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are we there yet?

This is what happen when you put 2 East Msian into the busy city of West Msia to explore the magical realm called the HIGHWAY

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Mondaaaaay~~~!!!

Click on the picture for higer resolutions

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday!!!!!

Does this ever happen to you? :D

How I wish I was this free but unfortunately in real life it's the exact opposite... work has been very hectic for me the past 2 weeks, not that it's anything new tho... But HEY! It's FRIDAY so let's just enjoy the weekend before horrible MONDAY starts paying us a visit again soon!

Wish everyone a HAPPY WEEKEND!!! ;D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

I've watched HP4 Goblet of Fire before, I never thought Half-Blood Prince could be any more boring than that. The movie does have a few funny moments which provides some entertainment values, but it doesn't make up with the anti-climax and the empty hole and mix emotions we had after we finish watching the show. :(

So anyway here's a strip I did to sum up the whole movie in 4 frames,but warning *spoiler alert*

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Alright, it's been a while but here's my updates for my Surabaya trip. So after 5 hours of bumpy ride uphill, we've finally reached our destination. 1st thing we realized when we step out of the van is the freezing cold temperature. Since it's cold and dark, we just checked in, and slept. It wasn't until the next day then only we realize where in the blaze we were.

The resort we stayed in is called Lava Ville, it is situated on a high hill where the 1st thing you see when you walk out of your room is the magnificent view of Bromo Volcanos itself.

If you're expecting a sketch of the view, you'll get to see it in the next post, sorry. Anyway the view is really cool coz the resort is situated closest to the volcano so it's totally awesome. I can't help myself but to take lots and lots of photos with my borrowed DSLR.

That was, until me and my colleague were approached by a local mid-age "horseman" who offers horse rides for about 150,000 rupiah(RM50+) while taking pictures on the horse cost around 70,000 rupiah(RM24+). Actually I would love to take a ride but not until I take my breakfast 1st so I said I'll look for him later. At 1st I thought he'd understand but every 5-10 minutes he will approach me and offers me his service again and again. Which really buzzes me off.

But seriously as much as I would love to ask him to leave me alone for good I understands that Indonesian is not a very wealthy country especially Surabaya and lots of people work as labors for minimum wages.

Don't believe me? Here's a scenario of me buying some gloves on the mountain coz i just simply cant stand the cold with a thick jacket alone, guess how much does it cost? RM3.50!!! Imagine, you're at the middle of nowhere freezing where there's no convenient stores nearby, someone approaches you for something you have to offer, wouldn't you hike up the price like nobody's business!? But no, Rm3.50 for a warm cozy glove, how cheap is that?

I even have the nerve to negotiate with them at first for the pricing and at the end when I converted the cost I realized that I'm bargaining stuffs for a few DIMES cheaper. DIMES, not CENTS. Talk about being a cheapskate :(

Anyway my point is stuffs over there are really cheap and people there are striving hard to earn a living so next time you have a trip there please go easy on them and leave your KIASU attitude back in your country alrite?

Move on to after we had out breakfast and dinner we went to the SANDSEA !!! Whoaaaa--- SANDSEA what the heck is that? Sounds cool huh? It's basically a huge deserted area under the volcano where what left there is sands after years of larva running through it and melted anything living to death. The trip was amazing and nothing like I ever experienced before where all 8 of us took a ride on two JEEPS like real adventurers or something.

The view was great because at one point we reach to a valley where it's covered with yellow brown green grasses surrounded with walls of green hills. We were told by our tour guide that if we come at other season the whole valley would be fresh green color so it will be triple times better than what we're seeing now. I can't imagine how much more awesome it can be.

Along the road we took lots of photos at many different locations because the more we venture deep into the valley the more amazed we are with the new sights. We also visited a huge waterfall and a view of the other side of the valley where they plant corps for harvests but my hand is just too tired to sketch those out :P plus I've never been a really great fan of waterfalls but if you do have a chance to visit there you might wanna think twice before jumping in coz it's really cold in there. Tho lots of ANG MOH did camp there overnight and bath in it :) Care to challenge?

After a day of traveling, hiking, sight seeing and lots of photos taking we were totally exhausted and went back to our chalet for a rest after taking some afternoon tea at the cafeteria. I for one prefer to explore the surroundings around the resort and discovered a nice view behind it.

It gives me a feeling of what Australia or Western countrysides would look like with tall, light brown, hazel colored trees and yellow brown grasses growing along the hills where little bare paths can be seen along the way as a proof that many footsteps have walked through it for ages, all these within the sight of huge mountains where you can see from far far away but yet so clear in front of you, uncovered with clouds or hazed, appearing bare and naked in front of your own eyes. I can't suppress my desires to snap a picture of this view with my heart and pencil onto my sketch book. Though my rusted scenery drawing skills can barely portray even a 10% of the breath-taking sights that imprinted to my memory on that day. Plus it's really getting cold out there so I can only do a really quick sketch and ran back to the cafeteria for a hot warm tea after that. :p

That night we had dinner at around 7pm and went to our assigned bedrooms for more rest because tomorrow we all have to wake up at 4am in the morning to conquer the hills of "Penanjakan". But that's gonna be another story to tell :)

Surabaya Trip Day 2 19 June 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009


You THINK after the Government have agreed to hike up the taxi price, they'll behave, but NO; you THINK that since now the starting price of the meter will be RM3 instead of RM2, they'll behave, but NO; you THINK that since the meter rates had increased to 30%, they'll behave, but NO!!! It just ain't enough!!!!

Seriously these taxi drivers drives me NUTS!!! When the heck will they be satisfied!? You still pick customers, you still choose locations to go, and you still refuse to use meter and expect us to pay extra for your return trip for passing the tol!!! To be honest I'm ok with the price hike, after all they've been using the same rating system for the past 10 years, as long as they could learn to behave and treat their customers fairly like how they wish the government would treat them, it's fine. But it just seems like a man's greed has no end!

Darn you taxi drivers! X(


Boy sure has been long since my last update, some may wonder where's the rest of my Surabaya story. Well life's been pretty busy for me lately, but work without no play is not a good idea. So last weekend me and my friend's gathered up for a steamboat party and played a little party game we called "MAFIA", I found it pretty funny so here's a little comic strip regarding that day.

Haha, no that didn't really happen, I mean the 300 parody and the kicking part. But this is somewhat close to describe the craziness we had that day while playing MAFIA, especially for new players that are surprised by such creative games to exist. Anyway if you noticed anything about this strip is that there's a #001 code on it, yeah i'm trying to start a webcomic, so if there's any comic strip in the future I'll put a code on it, hopefully to accumulate a series of comic in the end. Just a fresh tryout without any proper plan, we'll see how well that goes.

That's all for now, will update the Surabaya story by end of this week(hopefully). Hope life's treating y'all better, seeya :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road trip to ... god knows where

Here's a few question I asked my colleague before we took off to Surabaya.

Q:What's famous in Surabaya?
A:I dunno....

Q:What do you expect in this trip?
A:I have no idea...

Q:What kind of place will we be visiting?
A:Some Volcano...I guess (Oh great! Finally some progress)

Q:Is it nice?
A:Dunno, never heard of it (..........)

No one has any clue, all they know is there's gonna be a Volcano and a chance to use their passports and their ridiculously over balanced Rupiah.

So as soon as we get down from the airport, we were rush into a van, and enjoy our 5hours plus trip to a GOD KNOWS WHERE resort on top of a mountain, near a volcano, possibly active, maybe, who knows.

So sit back, relax and let's see where I'll end up after I woke up.

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Germs on Plane

As you all know the infamous disease H1N1 is on the loose and people are giving advices not to travel in fear of getting infected. My company has the balls to plan a company trip at this time of the year to travel to our friendly neighbor country Indonesia in a small(not so small actually)city called Surabaya. Before departing my boss gave each of us a face mask just in case for protection. I reluctantly accept the mask when she pass it to me thinking that I will never use it and it'll most likely end up in my bag untouched, how wrong was I.

The whole plane is packed with germs! I dunno what's with that day but it's like everyone on board is friggin' sick! People are coughing and coughing and coughing, got flem somemore wan! And I'm taking about serious cough here cos they sound like they're coughing blood, and they have the nerve to NOT wear a mask throughtout the whole 3 hours flight and talking non stop even when they are eating! And the worst thing is 2 of the coughing grown ass man are sitting behind me! Seriously if you think Snakes on Plane is horrible with Samuel L. Jackson's constant swearing, trust me this is far worst!

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

Unpleasant Flight & Many More

Anyway the flight isn't over, like what I said it's a 3 hours journey thousand feet above the clouds where you're stuck with the Indonesian version of Balik Kampung remix of coughing and yelling mix with the smells of Pak Nasir Nasi Lemak in the air. At time like this I feel sad for not having an Ipod when I had the chance because I thought having a 2GB memory cell phone with mp3 features is good enough for me to keep my ears peace from any undesired noise, silly me to miscalculate that you are supposed to TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE ON THE PLANE! That's what my mind is going through while looking at my friend listening to his Nano on my right and another one watching an episode of HOUSE using her Iphone on my left....

I'm buying an Ipod. >:(

By the way has anyone ever noticed that Airaisa stewardess always have the thickess make ups? It's like everyday it's a Beauty Pagent on the plane that every stewardess are putting up their monkey asses to compete in the competition. Some even looks like they're in a Drag Queen Pagent! I swear to God there's one lady with eyelashes so thick that she make Amy Winehouse look NORMAL(and I always thought Winehouse's a Vampire).

See the girl on the left? She's not closing her eyes, her eyes are wide open but you just can't see the friggin' Iris! Another thing I don't get is when the Captian speaks, why are they murmuring!? I dunno if it's they're actually drunk of Malay standard of English speaking are so poor that they have to speak as such so that we're distracted by trying to listen to the words and fail to realize that their English sucks.

"Thizizyercaptainspeeeeking plzfastenyersitbelts weeeeeeeretakingooooooof" o.O

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Legacy

Best quote of the day by my grandmother, "Michael Jackson is a black man!?" lol

News breaks and spreads fast while the world mourns for the lost of our 50 year old King of Pop Michael Jackson by what suspected to be a Cardiac Arrest. Numerous radio stations and MTV channels are playing his songs and music video over and over again. News channels and internet sources are showing fans' reaction all around the globe. Pictures of people mourning and crying and screaming and pulling their hair and throwing their body to the ground are seen everywhere in the net. My heart goes out to all these people.


Come on people, "We'll miss you?", "I'll listen to your songs all day?", "No one can replace you?" Snap out of it! How long has it been since you last listen to any of MJ's song? When is the last time you search for any of his mp3 album in the midst of your music folders? How many times have you choose Jason Mraz or Lady GaGa over him? Now he's dead and you suddenly feel remorseful and start to miss him? Where were you when he's still alive and kickin'?

Over at least a decade people have been mocking him, his skin tone, his face transformation, his nose, his law suit. Google image on Michael Jackson and you'll see even the 1st image is a mockery to that man. For years you abandoned him, you choose to follow the tide and go for other pop culture icons, he's yesterday, he's history, he's old and he's not cool anymore. Now he's dead, people start paying attention, and you feel it's cool to join in the bandwagon and shouts "WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!" You start talking about MJ in your FB status, posting his lyrics, his quotes, uploading his songs, his images, or maybe even create a friggin' "How well do you know MJ" quiz in FB. All because it's the IN thing now.

A bunch of trend-followers.

Nobody talks about him when he's alive, except sometimes when the tabloids ran out of story to cover, or they need some new faces in the gossip column. I bet if he didn't die today, he'd still be invisible in many people's life, radios will
still be over-playing Poker Face or other rapping trash. Now that the hype is on, I wonder how long will this Hype last until they start finding other things to keep themselves busy with?

Now, I'm not anti-MJ, I love his songs and dance moves, there are days when I watch his MTV
all day long from a VCD album I bought. But there is a friggin' difference between paying respect, and following the GOLD DARN TIDE! Everyone's doing it, it doesn't make you any cooler repeating it! That man lived a Legend, he has been through his best years and passed down a legacy which I believe no one can top it. (well except for Jesus Christ but he's an exception because he's...well....Jesus)

And for the real hardcore fans, yes he's a great man and I know he might have somehow touch or CHANGED your life, but he's still a man. Remorse for him for a few days, wept a few tears, have a couple of shots or even set up a blog for him but after that PLEASE go back to your life. You might have a wife and kids OR your parents to take care of OR PLEASE at least have a job to go back to. And for some please don't cut or kill yourself, it won't make the situation any better, trust me. Cos you'll either end up at different places OR you will end up at the same place which you won't be happy seeing the pain and punishment he might have to go through. Go back to your life, if you don't have one I strongly suggest you FIND one, urgently. Because I know some hardcore MJ fans spend their life collecting his stuffs on the expense of their old folks money. I know this, because I'm a fan and I watched a lot of documentaries. :)

Anyway I'm just here to let out my fustration after seeing all the commotions in my Facebook updates, I feel so much better letting it out. But I do hope it carries out a message, appreciate the people aound you now, so that you don't remorse as regretfull when they are not around. Especially your parents. They may not sing as good as MJ, nor dance as good as MJ, not leave a legacy like him. But they give birth to you, and raised you. You're their legacy. Make them proud.

R.I.P Michael, you're forever the King of Pop

Note : Above messages are only for certain trend-followers which the authors despise, it is not directly shoot towards any certain people the author knows of. Please do not take the above article as offensive but if you still remains offended the author doesn't care s*** anyway. have a nice day :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tired Week

So exhausted this week, juggling between work, church, helping friends and some personal projects, is just too tough for me especially when I'm still suffering from headache, toothache, plus muscle pain from my 2 days intense exercise in the gym. I never felt more in love with my bed, still got 5 hours to go before my date with Monday Blues. Alright, nite guys, hope y'all have a better weekend.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run Free!!!

Awaken by a gently breeze brushing her cheek, she opens her eyes, looks around and find herself on what it seems like the top of a highland, surrounded with hills that forms a valley and grass so green that it separated itself clearly from the light blue sky. She stands up on her feet, looks up and saw a herd of moving creature standing on top of a rising ground, not far away from herself. Filled with curiosity, she move herself closer towards the herd of creature.

The nearer she walks towards the creatures, the clearer the creatures' appearance. It was a herd of horses, tall, broad, strong in sight. Their fur so beautiful and shinny when the sunlight reflects to the creatures. She was filled with excitement but take slow steps, hoping not to surprise the creatures with her sudden appearance. The horses noticed her presence and surprisingly, was not startled. Taking a bold step, she walks closer and placed her hand on their body, and the creature remains calm, as if they are used having her around them. Filled with joy, she walks towards each and every horses, touching them and feeling their soft warm furs with her arms and cheek, enjoying the cool breeze blowing though the valley.

After a while playing with the horses, she is curious with why does the creature choose to remain on the same spot without going anywhere, "they should run freely across the field, out of this valley and over the mountain, run to anywhere their heart desires, be anywhere they wish to! "

So she started to make the horses move, she shouts, "run! run free!", nothing happens. She start patting each and every one of the horses one by one, pulling their tail, touching their head, pushing them to move at least an inch away from where they are, but the horses remained still. She gives up, panting and exhausted with with her effort, thinking to herself, "why are they not moving at all? Why do they insist to stay here...?"

She lay down on the grass beside the gentle creatures, looking at them, smiling. The gentle breeze start brushing her cheeks again, this time slowly putting her to sleep....

Crystal River

She wakes up, finds herself floating on a river, filled with stars, dazzling, so shiny and glittering she can barely open her eyes. She realized that it's also filled with different forms of shapes, hexagons, pentagons, triangles, octagons, diamonds, squares, ovals, prisms and every other shapes you could possibly imagine. She has never seen anything like it, "this is the most beautiful scene I've ever seen..." she said to herself in awe. The surroundings are dark, contrasting the glow shining from the river around her. Not knowing where she's heading, she lets the tide bring her wherever it intends to stop by, not knowing what awaits at the end of the stream. "If it's heading towards hell, so be it..." she told herself, because it's so soothing and comfortable that it slowly puts her to sleep...

She wakes up not long after that, she looks around and realise that she's still in the ward room, without shining stars or any form of shapes, just cold, plain walls surrounding her. She sighs, relieved that it was a dream, but continued thinking about the wonderful scene she just saw.

My mother had this dream around the mid of January, her eyes were shining bright as I see her describing to me about the wonderful dream she had like a little girl explaining her experience of having the sweetest, most colorful Popsicle she has ever ate. She told me one night at the month of March when I was accompanying her in the hospital.

What the dream was about, I don't know, I just smiled while listening to her because she looks really happy. While illustrating her dream, I'm hoping that one day, I too will encounter the same dream she had experienced that night :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Wow, it's been 3 months since I last sign in, or posted anything new, I'm lucky I can still remember my blogspot account password. It's been a really chaotic period for me since the early of march, that's why there's no updates on March AhLost, sorry...

It's Mother's Day today, I feel really happy for all of you to be able to greet your mother. If you ask me, I don't particularly do anything big on Mother's Day, cos I realize that I don't need Anna Jarvis to declare a day for me to occasionally honor her, but the fact is we should be making them happy everyday. Guys it's cool to do extra stuffs on Mother's Day, but my point is, try your best to make your mom feel embraced by you daily. Most simple gesture, hug them when you get home, praise their cooking is nice though it's the same ol' meal you ate for years, or give them a call frequently for those who studies or work overseas. You might think they are busy and have their own way of killing time, but nothing beats listening your voice to fill the empty hole in their heart caused by your absence.

They have been with you since your birth, feed you, dress you, bath you, hug you, kiss you, stay up all night for you, be happy for you, be sad for you, get angry for you, get hurt for you. They have done so much, what did we do in repay? Nothing. You might think you done something to make up for them throughout the years, but I tell you the truth, it's nothing compare to what she has done for you all along. Is it so much to show a little more love?

I lost my mother in the battle of cancer on the 30th of March, this year 2009. It started as a tumor in the Cologne, then spread to the rest of the body organ most aggressively in the Liver.We missed her dearly, but the fact that she's now free from her suffering and in the embrace of God, is a great consolation for our family.

I no longer have the chance to hug and kiss her, but you do; she will never get to listen to my voice at the other end of the phone, but your mother could. It's all up to you. Do whatever you can for them while you still can, do what I can never ever do anymore.

Thanks Ren and Cherry, for concerning about my absence during April and March, I barely even step into my blog for months, let alone other people's blog, I especially missed the great prank pulled by WenPink on her engagement prank, that's a really good one Wen, too bad I'm not around to get fooled by it, heh..

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world, it's truly a blessing to become a mother, a blessing that God has taken away from Men. You reading this, I hope your mother is a happy blessed mother, for having a baby like you.

Happy Mother's Day mummy... :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The consequences....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone~~

Alright I know it's a bit be-lated... but hey it's the thoughts that counts right?

For this year's CNY me and my family were planning for a Bali trip which has planned a few months back, it was then canceled because my mom was admitted to the hospital suddenly for certain illness. So I bought an extra ticket back to my hometown for CNY. But when I got there they decided to flew her over to KL hospital so I have to get another flight to KL BACK!!!

So imagine this, cancel Bali ticket, purchase Sabah ticket, then purchase KL ticket, all done in a very short period which means only expensive flights available, the paiiiiiiin in my wallet...

But this year CNY has been a very special and blessed one for me, as I realize how important the togetherness of one family. One shouldn't take for granted that our loved ones will always be around us for eternity, they might just leave us one day without any prior notice and left us feeling regret for all the things that we have done and haven't done for them. So yeah our CNY is celebrated everyday in the ward, and my mom wasn't able to consume solid food for nearly 1 month, but we get to be with each other everyday, that's it really a huge blessing for me.

So anyway, my mom hasn't fully recovered, but she's in really good spirit, as beautiful as she always is. I started working, my sister starting school, and my father continue being the most lovable husband for my mom. Everything is good, this is gonna be a good year, hope it's the same for you all.

Kudos 2009 :D

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here!