Friday, August 7, 2009


You THINK after the Government have agreed to hike up the taxi price, they'll behave, but NO; you THINK that since now the starting price of the meter will be RM3 instead of RM2, they'll behave, but NO; you THINK that since the meter rates had increased to 30%, they'll behave, but NO!!! It just ain't enough!!!!

Seriously these taxi drivers drives me NUTS!!! When the heck will they be satisfied!? You still pick customers, you still choose locations to go, and you still refuse to use meter and expect us to pay extra for your return trip for passing the tol!!! To be honest I'm ok with the price hike, after all they've been using the same rating system for the past 10 years, as long as they could learn to behave and treat their customers fairly like how they wish the government would treat them, it's fine. But it just seems like a man's greed has no end!

Darn you taxi drivers! X(

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