Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Getting very anti-social nowadays, I guess I just appreciates quality time than hanging out in the midst of a noisy crowd. We all need our private moments some time...

最近看到那么多朋友POST那些搞笑的视频&冷笑话,我不但笑不出,还觉得很无聊,低级... 近年来连看戏也比较喜欢自己一个人看了,陪朋友看的戏觉得无聊但又不想批评免得打扰他们的雅兴;自己看的戏他们又未必会喜欢....是我老了吗?真是越老越GRUMPY了  ಠ_ಠ

Thursday, March 28, 2013

One year later...

Wow, hmmm...now how long was it since my last post? It's been quite a while since I've actually step foot here, let alone actually posted anything at all. Work got in the way ever since I started owning a small retail business and at the same time coping with my job as a freelance designer. Plus I started "writing" a journal and it just feels good to keeping secrets to myself instead of posting on blogs (I use the word "writing" very loosely here...)

Lately I've even thought of closing down the blog for good because it just seemed like such a waste of space, but a stroll down the memory lane brings back too many nostalgic feeling... So long story short, I decided to show this blog a little bit more love and attention, I can't commit a lot since i have my journal, business, work and a web comic planning along (don't raise any high hopes) but I'll try to be consistent. Also I'm active on Instagram so if you're interested do follow me @ivn369, I'll post my sketches there too.

So long story short, daddy's home :)

Feels good to be back.