Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run Free!!!

Awaken by a gently breeze brushing her cheek, she opens her eyes, looks around and find herself on what it seems like the top of a highland, surrounded with hills that forms a valley and grass so green that it separated itself clearly from the light blue sky. She stands up on her feet, looks up and saw a herd of moving creature standing on top of a rising ground, not far away from herself. Filled with curiosity, she move herself closer towards the herd of creature.

The nearer she walks towards the creatures, the clearer the creatures' appearance. It was a herd of horses, tall, broad, strong in sight. Their fur so beautiful and shinny when the sunlight reflects to the creatures. She was filled with excitement but take slow steps, hoping not to surprise the creatures with her sudden appearance. The horses noticed her presence and surprisingly, was not startled. Taking a bold step, she walks closer and placed her hand on their body, and the creature remains calm, as if they are used having her around them. Filled with joy, she walks towards each and every horses, touching them and feeling their soft warm furs with her arms and cheek, enjoying the cool breeze blowing though the valley.

After a while playing with the horses, she is curious with why does the creature choose to remain on the same spot without going anywhere, "they should run freely across the field, out of this valley and over the mountain, run to anywhere their heart desires, be anywhere they wish to! "

So she started to make the horses move, she shouts, "run! run free!", nothing happens. She start patting each and every one of the horses one by one, pulling their tail, touching their head, pushing them to move at least an inch away from where they are, but the horses remained still. She gives up, panting and exhausted with with her effort, thinking to herself, "why are they not moving at all? Why do they insist to stay here...?"

She lay down on the grass beside the gentle creatures, looking at them, smiling. The gentle breeze start brushing her cheeks again, this time slowly putting her to sleep....

Crystal River

She wakes up, finds herself floating on a river, filled with stars, dazzling, so shiny and glittering she can barely open her eyes. She realized that it's also filled with different forms of shapes, hexagons, pentagons, triangles, octagons, diamonds, squares, ovals, prisms and every other shapes you could possibly imagine. She has never seen anything like it, "this is the most beautiful scene I've ever seen..." she said to herself in awe. The surroundings are dark, contrasting the glow shining from the river around her. Not knowing where she's heading, she lets the tide bring her wherever it intends to stop by, not knowing what awaits at the end of the stream. "If it's heading towards hell, so be it..." she told herself, because it's so soothing and comfortable that it slowly puts her to sleep...

She wakes up not long after that, she looks around and realise that she's still in the ward room, without shining stars or any form of shapes, just cold, plain walls surrounding her. She sighs, relieved that it was a dream, but continued thinking about the wonderful scene she just saw.

My mother had this dream around the mid of January, her eyes were shining bright as I see her describing to me about the wonderful dream she had like a little girl explaining her experience of having the sweetest, most colorful Popsicle she has ever ate. She told me one night at the month of March when I was accompanying her in the hospital.

What the dream was about, I don't know, I just smiled while listening to her because she looks really happy. While illustrating her dream, I'm hoping that one day, I too will encounter the same dream she had experienced that night :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Wow, it's been 3 months since I last sign in, or posted anything new, I'm lucky I can still remember my blogspot account password. It's been a really chaotic period for me since the early of march, that's why there's no updates on March AhLost, sorry...

It's Mother's Day today, I feel really happy for all of you to be able to greet your mother. If you ask me, I don't particularly do anything big on Mother's Day, cos I realize that I don't need Anna Jarvis to declare a day for me to occasionally honor her, but the fact is we should be making them happy everyday. Guys it's cool to do extra stuffs on Mother's Day, but my point is, try your best to make your mom feel embraced by you daily. Most simple gesture, hug them when you get home, praise their cooking is nice though it's the same ol' meal you ate for years, or give them a call frequently for those who studies or work overseas. You might think they are busy and have their own way of killing time, but nothing beats listening your voice to fill the empty hole in their heart caused by your absence.

They have been with you since your birth, feed you, dress you, bath you, hug you, kiss you, stay up all night for you, be happy for you, be sad for you, get angry for you, get hurt for you. They have done so much, what did we do in repay? Nothing. You might think you done something to make up for them throughout the years, but I tell you the truth, it's nothing compare to what she has done for you all along. Is it so much to show a little more love?

I lost my mother in the battle of cancer on the 30th of March, this year 2009. It started as a tumor in the Cologne, then spread to the rest of the body organ most aggressively in the Liver.We missed her dearly, but the fact that she's now free from her suffering and in the embrace of God, is a great consolation for our family.

I no longer have the chance to hug and kiss her, but you do; she will never get to listen to my voice at the other end of the phone, but your mother could. It's all up to you. Do whatever you can for them while you still can, do what I can never ever do anymore.

Thanks Ren and Cherry, for concerning about my absence during April and March, I barely even step into my blog for months, let alone other people's blog, I especially missed the great prank pulled by WenPink on her engagement prank, that's a really good one Wen, too bad I'm not around to get fooled by it, heh..

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world, it's truly a blessing to become a mother, a blessing that God has taken away from Men. You reading this, I hope your mother is a happy blessed mother, for having a baby like you.

Happy Mother's Day mummy... :)