Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Fevaaaa~~ :D

Merdeka's been pretty quite this year, I don't even recall hearing any fireworks. Anyway, here's the strip for national day, I think shopping malls are gonna packed with people today, so get out of the house and get the best bargain while it still last!!! Up to 70% discounts yo~~!

Click on the picture to read the comic strip

Happy Merdeka Day, or rather just happy holiday or happy shopping day! Cheers :)


dOra said...

do you really go shop shop? *o*!!
saw chua's 'ne~..' video.. should ask him made another version, which features you all la.. himself, you, xiao wei, aaron, etc..

wen pink said...

hahahah jimuiz u really becoming a shopaholic already!!!!

ivn said...

dora - yupz yupz, thta shirt i'm wearing in the pic is one of it ^^

pink - of cors! have to be shopping craze like you mah, my sista!!! XD