Sunday, July 5, 2009

Germs on Plane

As you all know the infamous disease H1N1 is on the loose and people are giving advices not to travel in fear of getting infected. My company has the balls to plan a company trip at this time of the year to travel to our friendly neighbor country Indonesia in a small(not so small actually)city called Surabaya. Before departing my boss gave each of us a face mask just in case for protection. I reluctantly accept the mask when she pass it to me thinking that I will never use it and it'll most likely end up in my bag untouched, how wrong was I.

The whole plane is packed with germs! I dunno what's with that day but it's like everyone on board is friggin' sick! People are coughing and coughing and coughing, got flem somemore wan! And I'm taking about serious cough here cos they sound like they're coughing blood, and they have the nerve to NOT wear a mask throughtout the whole 3 hours flight and talking non stop even when they are eating! And the worst thing is 2 of the coughing grown ass man are sitting behind me! Seriously if you think Snakes on Plane is horrible with Samuel L. Jackson's constant swearing, trust me this is far worst!

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009


summerarctic said...

yup! i was sitting there without my mask when the flight take off. then lights went off. and when u cant see, u can hear very well. left right centre up and down the aisle, there were coughing everywhere!!! i coolly take out my mask and quickly put it on! hahahaha...

ivn said...

maaaaan that gotta' suck! :( Luckily nowdays most i get it crying babies :D