Friday, June 26, 2009

A Legacy

Best quote of the day by my grandmother, "Michael Jackson is a black man!?" lol

News breaks and spreads fast while the world mourns for the lost of our 50 year old King of Pop Michael Jackson by what suspected to be a Cardiac Arrest. Numerous radio stations and MTV channels are playing his songs and music video over and over again. News channels and internet sources are showing fans' reaction all around the globe. Pictures of people mourning and crying and screaming and pulling their hair and throwing their body to the ground are seen everywhere in the net. My heart goes out to all these people.


Come on people, "We'll miss you?", "I'll listen to your songs all day?", "No one can replace you?" Snap out of it! How long has it been since you last listen to any of MJ's song? When is the last time you search for any of his mp3 album in the midst of your music folders? How many times have you choose Jason Mraz or Lady GaGa over him? Now he's dead and you suddenly feel remorseful and start to miss him? Where were you when he's still alive and kickin'?

Over at least a decade people have been mocking him, his skin tone, his face transformation, his nose, his law suit. Google image on Michael Jackson and you'll see even the 1st image is a mockery to that man. For years you abandoned him, you choose to follow the tide and go for other pop culture icons, he's yesterday, he's history, he's old and he's not cool anymore. Now he's dead, people start paying attention, and you feel it's cool to join in the bandwagon and shouts "WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!" You start talking about MJ in your FB status, posting his lyrics, his quotes, uploading his songs, his images, or maybe even create a friggin' "How well do you know MJ" quiz in FB. All because it's the IN thing now.

A bunch of trend-followers.

Nobody talks about him when he's alive, except sometimes when the tabloids ran out of story to cover, or they need some new faces in the gossip column. I bet if he didn't die today, he'd still be invisible in many people's life, radios will
still be over-playing Poker Face or other rapping trash. Now that the hype is on, I wonder how long will this Hype last until they start finding other things to keep themselves busy with?

Now, I'm not anti-MJ, I love his songs and dance moves, there are days when I watch his MTV
all day long from a VCD album I bought. But there is a friggin' difference between paying respect, and following the GOLD DARN TIDE! Everyone's doing it, it doesn't make you any cooler repeating it! That man lived a Legend, he has been through his best years and passed down a legacy which I believe no one can top it. (well except for Jesus Christ but he's an exception because he's...well....Jesus)

And for the real hardcore fans, yes he's a great man and I know he might have somehow touch or CHANGED your life, but he's still a man. Remorse for him for a few days, wept a few tears, have a couple of shots or even set up a blog for him but after that PLEASE go back to your life. You might have a wife and kids OR your parents to take care of OR PLEASE at least have a job to go back to. And for some please don't cut or kill yourself, it won't make the situation any better, trust me. Cos you'll either end up at different places OR you will end up at the same place which you won't be happy seeing the pain and punishment he might have to go through. Go back to your life, if you don't have one I strongly suggest you FIND one, urgently. Because I know some hardcore MJ fans spend their life collecting his stuffs on the expense of their old folks money. I know this, because I'm a fan and I watched a lot of documentaries. :)

Anyway I'm just here to let out my fustration after seeing all the commotions in my Facebook updates, I feel so much better letting it out. But I do hope it carries out a message, appreciate the people aound you now, so that you don't remorse as regretfull when they are not around. Especially your parents. They may not sing as good as MJ, nor dance as good as MJ, not leave a legacy like him. But they give birth to you, and raised you. You're their legacy. Make them proud.

R.I.P Michael, you're forever the King of Pop

Note : Above messages are only for certain trend-followers which the authors despise, it is not directly shoot towards any certain people the author knows of. Please do not take the above article as offensive but if you still remains offended the author doesn't care s*** anyway. have a nice day :)


Ren said...

I still listening to his song now and then b4 he died
so I not those follow trend 1 :P

nice sketch of MJ :)

ivn said...

We're same GANG :D