Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road trip to ... god knows where

Here's a few question I asked my colleague before we took off to Surabaya.

Q:What's famous in Surabaya?
A:I dunno....

Q:What do you expect in this trip?
A:I have no idea...

Q:What kind of place will we be visiting?
A:Some Volcano...I guess (Oh great! Finally some progress)

Q:Is it nice?
A:Dunno, never heard of it (..........)

No one has any clue, all they know is there's gonna be a Volcano and a chance to use their passports and their ridiculously over balanced Rupiah.

So as soon as we get down from the airport, we were rush into a van, and enjoy our 5hours plus trip to a GOD KNOWS WHERE resort on top of a mountain, near a volcano, possibly active, maybe, who knows.

So sit back, relax and let's see where I'll end up after I woke up.

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

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