Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Road trip to ... god knows where

Here's a few question I asked my colleague before we took off to Surabaya.

Q:What's famous in Surabaya?
A:I dunno....

Q:What do you expect in this trip?
A:I have no idea...

Q:What kind of place will we be visiting?
A:Some Volcano...I guess (Oh great! Finally some progress)

Q:Is it nice?
A:Dunno, never heard of it (..........)

No one has any clue, all they know is there's gonna be a Volcano and a chance to use their passports and their ridiculously over balanced Rupiah.

So as soon as we get down from the airport, we were rush into a van, and enjoy our 5hours plus trip to a GOD KNOWS WHERE resort on top of a mountain, near a volcano, possibly active, maybe, who knows.

So sit back, relax and let's see where I'll end up after I woke up.

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Germs on Plane

As you all know the infamous disease H1N1 is on the loose and people are giving advices not to travel in fear of getting infected. My company has the balls to plan a company trip at this time of the year to travel to our friendly neighbor country Indonesia in a small(not so small actually)city called Surabaya. Before departing my boss gave each of us a face mask just in case for protection. I reluctantly accept the mask when she pass it to me thinking that I will never use it and it'll most likely end up in my bag untouched, how wrong was I.

The whole plane is packed with germs! I dunno what's with that day but it's like everyone on board is friggin' sick! People are coughing and coughing and coughing, got flem somemore wan! And I'm taking about serious cough here cos they sound like they're coughing blood, and they have the nerve to NOT wear a mask throughtout the whole 3 hours flight and talking non stop even when they are eating! And the worst thing is 2 of the coughing grown ass man are sitting behind me! Seriously if you think Snakes on Plane is horrible with Samuel L. Jackson's constant swearing, trust me this is far worst!

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009

Unpleasant Flight & Many More

Anyway the flight isn't over, like what I said it's a 3 hours journey thousand feet above the clouds where you're stuck with the Indonesian version of Balik Kampung remix of coughing and yelling mix with the smells of Pak Nasir Nasi Lemak in the air. At time like this I feel sad for not having an Ipod when I had the chance because I thought having a 2GB memory cell phone with mp3 features is good enough for me to keep my ears peace from any undesired noise, silly me to miscalculate that you are supposed to TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE ON THE PLANE! That's what my mind is going through while looking at my friend listening to his Nano on my right and another one watching an episode of HOUSE using her Iphone on my left....

I'm buying an Ipod. >:(

By the way has anyone ever noticed that Airaisa stewardess always have the thickess make ups? It's like everyday it's a Beauty Pagent on the plane that every stewardess are putting up their monkey asses to compete in the competition. Some even looks like they're in a Drag Queen Pagent! I swear to God there's one lady with eyelashes so thick that she make Amy Winehouse look NORMAL(and I always thought Winehouse's a Vampire).

See the girl on the left? She's not closing her eyes, her eyes are wide open but you just can't see the friggin' Iris! Another thing I don't get is when the Captian speaks, why are they murmuring!? I dunno if it's they're actually drunk of Malay standard of English speaking are so poor that they have to speak as such so that we're distracted by trying to listen to the words and fail to realize that their English sucks.

"Thizizyercaptainspeeeeking plzfastenyersitbelts weeeeeeeretakingooooooof" o.O

Surabaya Trip Day 1 18 June 2009