Monday, August 1, 2011

Life is not a Job; Jobs are not your Life :)

Many people tend to treat their life as a routine that everyone has to go through, it's as seems that there's a formula, where one have to go through college > job > marriage > kids > grandkids > retirement; many on the other hand pays too much attention on their job, to an extend that job has become their LIFE, as if it's their only purpose in their everyday life. Sounds like a happy life, doesn't it? (sarcasm)

Nowadays it seems that no matter how low the employment rates are, people are still unsatisfied about their job, or at least the fact that they HAVE a job. The truth is, people do not like work because they don't like their personal life. And the key to being happy at work is not so much finding the perfect career as it is finding yourself.

Career is like a table mat, it's limit is what you wish to bring to the dining table, whether good & healthy food, or just expensive silver cutleries. What feeds your hunger? Food? Or silver spoons that you can't even digest in your stomach?

People would be a lot happier with their job they had if they were happier with themselves outside of their job. So stop looking at your job to solve your problems and instead look inside yourself. Make friends with yourself and with other people, and your job.

So next time if you're unhappy with your job, think again. Is it the job? Or the lack of your personal life that made you miserable? :)

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