Friday, December 12, 2008

"Picasso" Ivan?

I've noticed there's some mixed responses due to my new style of sketch...or should I say illustrations... Some likes it and some not so keen on it. If you're wondering whether have you seen the last of my old "Chibi" sketches, I can assure you that this is just some new extra component I added in to enhance my art, there won't be a "picasso" style Ivan.. I'll still be using my old caricature here and there most of the time.

Heck I wouldn't wanna look like this guy.


Anonymous said...

cool, reminds me of the hunchback of notredame~

Yo! i'm irene said...

wow!! really different from ur previous style! Nice nice!! Really feel tat ur going up to another stange of level ler!!I'm wondering when it will comes to me too~~hehehe!!Keep it up!!

dOra said...

just found out your new style! ^^ great job.. veli veli nice! .. but i still like the old ones.. dunno why, maybe it's 'simpler'.. like how i want it to be.. haha^^ just simple and the meanings get to you without over analyse.. huh~?? ^ how's life treating you now? 'complicatedly well' like your new drawings?? heheh..