Saturday, May 24, 2008

WenPink "Punkenized"

Another caricature request by WenPink, a talkative
girl with an addiction to Hello Kitty and pink.

Another request from Pink is that I draw a
punk version of herself, this is what I did...

Hair treatment + dye = $150

Punk checkers shats = $49.90

Fake contact lenses = $45.00

Punk accessories = $38.00

Expression on her boyfriend's shocked face = priceless


Yun said...

cute sketch u hav, wat u do? an artist or designer?

ivn said...

a designer with an artistic attitude but no design sense, nice to meet you, welcome to my blog ^^

mind tell me, how did u came across my blog?

Wen said...

'cute sketch' from Yun meaning the girl on ur sketch is cute XD HAHAHA! JOKING!

BUT awww man *hugs* thank u sooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I love the punk version of me. The hair so niceeee man!
In fact, i love everything u sketched of me. Thank u Thank u Thank u!!

*grab ur sketches n post on my blog*

ivn said...

"the girl on ur sketch is cute XD HAHAHA!" <<< -.-'